My kitchen showed up…

My kitchen showed up today! Beautifully designed by two kitchen designers; Dallas Smith, who came up with the original layout (including the fabulous shallow pantries), and Deb Watrach, from Prairie Plus in Oak Park, who refined the details. Among many other things, she's the one who helped us choose period-appropriate details, like the inset cabinet doors. LOVE them.

You have maybe figured out by now that I am not afraid of color. :-) Neither is Kevin, which is a little unusual for a guy in our culture, I think. Kevin is special, but you knew that. As you can see, our kitchen is definitely blue! It scared me a little when I walked in -- I thought it might be too bright. But once the stainless appliances and the dark grey countertops are in, I think it'll tone down a bit. The photo below is more true to color than the one above.

What I particularly like about this historic color (Benjamin Moore's Buckland Blue) is that it looks bright and sunny from the mudroom, when you're coming into the house through the back door, but seems more serene and muted looking in from the living room's dark blue walls. Nice.

And what I particularly like about these cabinets (along with many small details, like the no-slam feature on the drawers, and the pull-out bins for my root vegetables) is that they were made by Applewood Cabinets, a local company. And I got to meet the guys who built them, who very indulgently posed for a photo with their handiwork. Awww...those are some handsome cabinet-makers! Pictured left to right: Sam Grimaudo, Dan Yu, & Colby Shaft.

When I was talking them into posing for the photo, I mentioned that I was a fiction writer and I had a blog, and the center guy quipped that it certainly was a fictional kitchen. Hmm... Well, maybe it is. I think I'm going to choose to take that as a compliment.

Obviously, it'll be some months before I can really vouch for the quality of their handiwork, but it sure looks pretty.

Now that I have a blue kitchen like Julia Child, perhaps I will magically turn into a fabulous French chef. A girl can dream...

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