The other day, Kavi came…

The other day, Kavi came home from pre-school upset because Robert was trying to 'make all the girls tiny'. I told her Robert couldn't actually do that, since she was big, and he was just pretending, but even when I suggested using her princess power (something she came up with a few weeks ago, complete with hand motions) to resist, it didn't help. Kavi could use the princess power to stop him from 'shooting' her, but she didn't think she could do anything to stop Robert from making all the girls tiny.

Argh. Mostly, the school is full of good kids, including Robert. But apparently in the last generation of pre-school (two years ago), there were some big girls who really were into the gender differences, and they indoctrinated the younger kids, and now Robert has become an older kid and a banner-carrier for this battle, even though the girls who started it are long gone, and no one else seems all that interested. But the boys go along with him, because he's older and a leader. The girls mostly try to ignore it, but sometimes get upset. None of the parents or teachers have any good ideas on how to handle it.

In light of the last lines of this article about the VIDA counts, the whole thing makes me kind of helplessly furious. I know, it's only pre-school, but still.

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