Argh. I thought I would…

Argh. I thought I would be in good shape for my CapriCon panel today, because I've been reading a TON of YA SF/F this past year, and would happily natter on about that at great length. But I realized I'm not at all sure which of these titles I loved were published in 2010. Shipbreaker, I think? I'm going to have to go to Amazon and check publication dates to make up a list.

But in the meantime, if you want to recommend some great SF/F (YA or otherwise) that was published last year, let me know. If I've read it and loved it, I might mention it on the panel. And if I haven't -- well, that just gives me more reading to do. Yay! :-)

Book-length or short fiction, either is fine. Although I have read barely ANY short fiction in the past year, which is kind of appalling, considering my writing / editing / publishing history. I've just been devouring novels.

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  1. Scott Westerfeld’s _Leviathan_ was published in 2009, but the second of them, Behemoth, was 2010 (the third comes out this fall). Genemod steampunk airship boys’ own adventure (except one of the boys is, in fact, a girl).

    Justine Larbalestier’s _Liar_ seems to have been 2009. Almost everything I am thinking of here seems to have been 2009. Aha, Garth Nix finished the Key to the Kingdom books in 2010, although those are really more middle-grade.

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