I feel like I deserve an…

I feel like I deserve an award for being a grown-up today. Horrible, miserable cold (cold #2 arrived just as I was finally getting rid of cold #1) makes me feel like death warmed over; I am barely strong enough to pick up the children, which made getting them fed (marginally) and dressed (sufficiently) a serious undertaking. And I didn't wake Kevin, who I knew was tired and has a mongo meeting later today. The universe owes me something.

Although perhaps the universe was trying to tell me to just cancel my damn classes and take to my bed. I hate cancelling classes this early in the semester though, when the students are still doing all the homework and have energy to be enthused. The DayQuil has already worn off and I can't have any more for like four hours. My head is pounding, I'm pretty sure I have a fever, the cough is hacking and I only brought two cough drops to campus because I'm an idiot. Can I have Tylenol on top of DayQuil? I don't know. Argh argh argh.

Yes, I know blog posts about being sick are boring. But being sick pretty much takes over your whole world, so I can't think about anything else.

Although, hey -- I didn't send Bob the book yesterday, because I forgot. But now I'm so sick that I honestly don't care whether it's as perfect as it could be or not. So I'm going to go send it right now, and be done with it.

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  1. With all due caveats I’m not a doctor. This is what I understand:

    Tylenol = acetaminophen = paracetamol
    Advil = ibuprofen
    Aleve = naproxin
    aspirin = acetylsalicylic acid

    Aspririn, Aleve and Advil are all NSAIDS and you can’t double up on any of them. Tylenol works entirely differently so it doesn’t interact any of the others which means you can generally double-up.

    DayQuil has acetaminophen so you could have advil or aspirin or aleve (unless one of these interacts with one of the other active ingredients in DayQuil which I don’t know at all). That being said, when I looked up dayquil on the web, it said you could take it every 4 hours so how can you have 4 more hours to wait (unless it is at home and you are 4 hours from getting to go home)? Maybe its a different dayquil?

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