Saturday: schedule…


  • schedule grant recipient meeting - x
  • take Kavi out to get groceries, flowers, etc. - x
  • ask Kevin to clean family room (vacuum booty all over floor, sigh) - x
  • finish washing dishes - x
  • ask Kev to put away dishes - x
  • clean up carsick child in frigid weather - x (not in original plan!)
  • pick up tile for guest bath - x
  • look at tile options for entry airlock at GI - x (nothing struck me)

  • re-read Eastlake's Hints on Household Taste for help in choosing wallpaper / tile, and making sure we aren't doing anything too egregious (no varnish!!!) - in progress
  • choose anaglypta for kitchen backsplash, powder room, foyer/stairs - in progress
  • read Mrs. Pollifax, Innocent Tourist - in progress, with great pleasure as always


  • print out Rasathi, read aloud, doing absolutely final edit
  • post garden path blog entry

  • take more things over to house for storage, clearing Kavi's room
  • straighten and sweep Kavi's room
  • notify remaining grant applicant -- informal letter sent; formal letter waiting on response
  • figure out web page access for ASAM

  • return Kevin's present that doesn't fit (shoes from Lands' End)
  • return Kevin's present that was shipped in a ladies' size instead of men (texting gloves)
  • drop off Samanthi's present if she's available


  • send Rasathi and proposals for books 2-3 to Bob to send out. Eep.
  • prep for Tues classes
  • pick up Synthroid
  • order microwave (talk to Deb)
  • look at stain samples for trim and floor
  • call fridge people about replacing door
  • review vent hood plan with Pam -- get pricing and into her schedule
  • decide on fireplaces
  • order storage piece for master bath -- waiting on Kev's decision (check with Pam re: swing of door)
  • call about replacing broken Harmony needle (so I can get back to work on Kavi's owl sweater)

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