Kavi is finally healthy…

Kavi is finally healthy enough to go back to school, hooray! So plan for today:
  • drop kids off - x
  • have breakfast (ham and cheese tortilla) - x
  • go to gym for class - x
  • come home and dress for work - x
  • go to campus and help host ASAM mixer @ 11:30 - x
  • attend Asian American Month planning meeting @ 1:00 - x
  • take Kevin and go up to Nadeau to pick up a piece of furniture (that little chest Jed got me) and look at mirrors for the bathrooms - x
  • come home, pick up kids from school - x
  • rest, play with kids, feed kids, put them to bed - x
  • meet Lori (if she's not too sick) for dinner at Maya del Sol and a concert (Compass Rose quintet) - x
Sounds like a really nice day.

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