I stopped doing the…

I stopped doing the to-do lists, and I stopped doing things. Well, not really, but my productivity nosedived. So, back.

To Do:

  • re-read Charles Baxter's The Business of Memory and decide which essays I'm teaching, marking up for lecture notes as I go -- x
  • revise master house to-do list -- x
  • record more lullabies (with me singing) for Kavi's SweetPea MP3 player -- x
  • post blog entry on blogs - 2 (the narrowed down list, request for specific suggestions) - x


  • get kids ready and drop off
  • go to gym for class, 9:15 - 10

  • schedule grant recipient meeting
  • figure out web page access for ASAM
  • post garden path blog entry

  • finalize and photocopy syllabi
  • print and photocopy handouts for first week of classes

  • do dishes
  • sweep kitchen, baths, and kids' rooms
  • mop kitchen and bath
  • scrub teakettle

  • wax, color, polish
  • return Kevin's present that doesn't fit (shoes from Lands' End)
  • return Kevin's present that was shipped in a ladies' size instead of men (texting gloves)
  • wrap and drop off Samanthi's present if she's available

2 thoughts on “I stopped doing the…”

  1. Mary Anne Mohanraj

    Well, we did actually buy scrubbing pads a few days ago, so that’s a step forward. Although the copper mesh ones might have worked better than the standard green ones. We’ll see.

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