Okay, back to the blog…

Okay, back to the blog course. Again, I could use your help. A good part of the course will focus on personal blogs, and in particular, they're going to get to know my blog well. So can I prevail upon you for some indulgence? It would be SO helpful if you could poke through the archives and let me know which posts you've most enjoyed from my blog. I think I'm going to try to make them read a few from each year, for the fifteen (!) years the blog has been running. Which ones are best?

It would be great if you could show me your favorite entry, and maybe why you like it? The way people did for the five year anniversary? Help!

(And yes, this is an invitation to waste your day wandering through the muddy waters of my blog. It's Saturday. Doesn't that sound sort of pleasant, in a mucky sort of way?)

9:30 update -- I just read through those favorite entries, and I think these are sort of decent, in case you were curious:

4 thoughts on “Okay, back to the blog…”

  1. I thought your Journal went back to 1995, but I cannot find anything earlier than January 1997. I seem to recall that the earliest entries had to be accessed in a different way. Help?

  2. I vote for the two entries beginning January 2, 1996 where you discuss the ground rules you will follow in writing here.

    More suggestions may or may not follow.

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