I slept ten hours last…

I slept ten hours last night, and I'm still exhausted. Also sneezing like mad, and the hacking cough now sounds like possible bronchitis, according to Roshani (but over the phone diagnosis not reliable, she says). The sick has kicked it up a notch. I have vague hopes that this means it's peaking and I'll actually feel better soon (ideally before classes start on Tuesday). We'll see. If it's not better by Monday, I may need to actually go to a doctor and find out if it is something more serious than a typical winter cold.

Kavi's coughing a lot too, and didn't want to go to school today, so I let her stay home. She promised she would let me work. We'll see.

I'd really like to get all the to-do list stuff done today, so that I can take tomorrow as a real holiday -- kids at school, me at the movies and reading the next Inspector Gamache novel. No actual work! I can't remember the last time I took an entire day completely off. We'll see if I manage it.

To Do:

  • do a serious winnow on out-of-date e-mails in Inbox - x
  • get e-mail down to 200 (from 300) - x
  • photocopy pages, write letter, send IRS amended return - x
  • choose trim stain options for Pam to make up samples of - x
  • send SAPAC fiscal sponsor check from SLF - x
  • 1:30 - meet Will at house to talk about mural - x
  • stop by house, check progress, check paint samples in midday light - x

  • revise book two proposal and send to Bob - x
  • start draft of book three proposal - x
  • have Kevin pick up Japanese rice, scrubbies - x
  • cook green curry chicken with bamboo shoots, rice, for dinner - x
  • attend Oak Park writers' group tonight with proposals 6:30 - 9 - x
  • pick up ComEd bill from old house - x

  • re-read Charles Baxter's The Business of Memory and decide which essays I'm teaching, marking up for lecture notes as I go -- almost done
  • revise master house to-do list -- in progress
  • record more lullabies (with me singing) for Kavi's SweetPea MP3 player -- in progress

  • wrap and drop off Samanthi's present if she's available
  • schedule grant recipient meeting
  • figure out web page access for ASAM

  • post blog entry on blogs - 2 (the narrowed down list, request for specific suggestions)
  • post garden path blog entry

  • sweep kitchen, baths, and kids' rooms
  • mop kitchen and bath
  • scrub teakettle

  • return Kevin's present that doesn't fit (shoes from Lands' End)
  • return Kevin's present that was shipped in a ladies' size instead of men (texting gloves)

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  1. Hi Mary Anne – I am a random person who reads your blogs. I loved Bodies in Motion when I read it years ago and have kept up with your other writing through your website.

    I am a great fan of To Do lists 🙂 Since they’re a recent theme in your posts, I wanted to share a site I read about last week:

    It’s a cool, elegant way to keep To Do lists online (and sync them with iPhone!) I don’t think they auto-populate onto a ‘blog though…

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