Year in review: …

Year in review: exhausting. Managed to keep most of the balls in the air, but just barely. Tons of miserable sickness (due to day care/pre-school) and a fair bit of Kavi stress (ditto, plus potty training, which I do not love). The house renovation ate up WAY more time than anticipated. A few important things got seriously neglected (not the children, thankfully). Moving twice, both times to temporary places, was beyond awful. And I'm horribly behind on e-mail.

But we survived the year, and I wrote a book, and I lost the last of the pregnancy weight, and I have a new writing group, and the children are growing up healthy and happy, and the house renovation is progressing nicely, and I'm already very fond of Oak Park, and Kevin and I still like each other. So all in all, more pluses than minuses, I think.

Year to come:

  • I plan to catch up on e-mail in the first week of the semester, before classes start.

  • I plan to catch up on important paperwork next week, ditto.

  • I plan to do better in general on a few fronts (ASAM job, DesiLit, SLF).

  • I plan to have a cleaner house (to that end, yesterday we instituted 'dishes done after dinner / kitchen counters and stove wiped down', and so far, I am LOVING it -- 10-15 minutes of work, that I can do while chatting on the phone with Roshani, or that Kevin can do while I watch the kids, and having the kitchen clean makes me feel SO much better, both that night, and the next morning).

  • I plan to write book two and book three of my trilogy, assuming book one sells. Possibly even if book one doesn't sell -- I might try self-publishing it online, at least. 'Cause I kind of love this story, and I think people would love reading it.

  • I'd like to lose the extra weight and go down to 'normal' range.

  • I'd like to exercise a little every day.

  • I'd like to read more books and watch less tv (much as I love tv).

  • I'd like to rest and relax more with Kevin, the children, and friends.

That's it, I think, and of all of those, the last one is the most important. Generally, I'm very satisfied with my life, and mostly happy, even if I'm also very tired.

Next year -- less tired! That's a good goal, I think.

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  1. Mary Anne and family,
    Happy Holidays and Best wishes for the New Year. It’s been an experience following the ups and downs of your house renovation and I hope other people have learned that such renovation projecta are serious endeavors that need a real committment to succeed.
    I’m sure you will be proud of your house when it’s finished and will feel that all the grief you endured was well worth it.
    Again, Happy New Year.

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