Christmas Day…

Christmas Day 2010

We start with stockings -- Anand's figured out how to unwrap this year!

Every time we asked Kavya what she wanted for Christmas, she either said, "drums and cymbals" or "a lollipop." Guess which one she got?

Uh oh -- Daddy's stolen the Christmas slinky. (No one can resist the power of the slinky.)

Hah! The rightful owner has reclaimed it. (Daddy is sad.)

We're working hard on sharing this holiday. Slinky-sharing is fun!

Stockings are done, as is breakfast. Now the hordes are unleashed on the mountain of presents. Stand back!

I gave the girls stamp pads. This may have been a tactical error.

Thankfully, they're washable.

The grandparents gave them cameras. Pink and sturdy, but also amazingly functional. Their toys are better than my first digital camera. By a lot.

One of the pics Kavi took! (Okay, she took this with my camera. But it's the same principle.) Respect the beverage I hold -- they were turning away people at the Starbucks when Kev went to get it, because they'd hit max-capacity at 75. He battled valiantly to win me my chai. My hero.

Say macaroni cheesy penguin!! (That's what Kavi kept saying as she took her pictures. We like the penguin movie around here.) The dog in the background is real -- that's Eddie. He's big.

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  1. The stamp pads may have been a strategic, rather than a tactical, error. Hopefully their colors go well with the colors you’re painting your walls-to-be.

    Though Kavi does look extremely cute with a smudge of green on her nose, something she might keep in mind if she ever decides to use makeup. :->

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