This is what I would…

This is what I would like. Something to put e-Books on the tv, and a foot control (could be connected to the Wii?) that lets me tap my foot to turn the pages. That would make knitting and other handwork much easier to do while reading. Is there such a thing?

And if not, given that there are literally MILLIONS of knitters in the U.S. alone, and they all seem to love to read, could someone develop this? Pretty please?

4 thoughts on “This is what I would…”

  1. Is it actually possible to knit and read at the same time? That would seem to me to be more difficult than reading and driving a car at the same time, though probably not as dangerous.

  2. Mary Anne Mohanraj

    Oh, sure. Once you learn the motions well enough, you don’t really have to look down much.

    I actually do know people who either a) read and drive or b) knit and drive. They’re remarkably nonchalant about it too. Scary.

  3. Google TV will, as I understand it, let you browse the web on your TV, and Google eBookstore will let you read books in a browser, so I would assume that that would allow for reading books on a TV.

    Google TV devices generally come with keyboards; don’t know whether you can press Space to page down in the browser with those, but if so, then put the keyboard on the floor and press Space with your toes to page.

    (I used to know a programmer who would put a mouse on the floor and move it (and click it) with his toes, but that’s probably more effort than it’s worth.)

  4. In theory, this should be easily achievable. USB foot pedals that can be programmed to execute any keystroke exist, and e-readers that turn the page with a given keystroke do as well… as for getting it on your TV, that’d depend on your hardware, but it also should be doable.

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