Jed bought me an…

Jed bought me an anniversary present (a little early) from Nadeau. Isn't it pretty? Peacock blue!!!

They called it a lingerie chest, but it's going to be perfect for craft supplies -- the drawers are exactly the right size for paper, markers, etc. Might go down in the craft room for me, or if there's room, in the family room for the kids and me to share.

It'd be nice in the family room, if there's enough space, since we have the peacock stained glass lamps there (at least one of them), and I was sort of thinking of aiming towards peacock colors in general for the decor. Although I'm not sure if I'm bold enough to actually make the couch or walls those colors -- might stick to accent elements, and do neutrals on couch and walls. We'll see.

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  1. There’s no picture there, alas!

    We have a “lingerie chest” we use for office supplies — tape, glue, pens, manila folders, that sort of thing. Works great.

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