The pre-school has a…

The pre-school has a service come out to take photos of the kids; I had hoped that we might manage our holiday card photo out of it. But I think, given the results below, we can do better just taking a photo ourselves. Anand was in a terrible mood that morning -- he did not want to pose:

Kavi, on the other hand, was clearly practicing for her career as a model:

And if the kids weren't looking out into space somewhere, this photo might actually be okay.

3 thoughts on “The pre-school has a…”

  1. The children are adorable!
    Ellen has a segment on her show called ‘Bad Paid For Photos’. I would submit Anand’s photo – you could get a free trip to California to the show and get to see Kevin’s family.

  2. I think you SHOULD use those – just add funny captions. Under Kavi’s you could right “I’m getting a Pony, I just KNOW it.” and under Anand’s “Not coal again!” 🙂

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