When staying in a small…

When staying in a small guest room, better to have a queen-size bed in cramped room (2 ft walking space clearance), or a full-size bed w/ more space?

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  1. I think a full size bed is plenty big. If I were the only person visiting, I would be happy with a twin size bed. I suppose that if you have friends who are very tall who visit, they might prefer the queen; I know people who are so tall that they need to sleep diagonally on a queen size bed. But that is unusual.

  2. I tend to assume that a queen or bigger is best when one is likely to have visitors who are couples. But I have no sense of how big a full is; mostly the smaller beds I see are twins.

  3. Full is doable for couples, even if one is tall, but it is fairly impossible for a couple + kid who won’t stay in own bed in strange place.

    Queen is more comfortable, but are you saying there would only be 2 ft clearance on 3 sides? Because there is then a problem with suitcase space (where exactly will they go?) So if 3 sides have only minimal clearance, I might go with the fullsize bed. If 2 sides have 2 ft clearance but the 3rd has more, then maybe queen.

  4. Mary Anne Mohanraj

    There’s a closet in the room, and I think we can even fit a dresser. But on two sides, there’d be very little clearance.

    I think we’re going to stick with the queen plan (we’re going to move our queen in there, and get a new king for ourselves). Thanks!

  5. I agree with the queen plan — your guests will mostly be using the room to sleep in, not to do complicated things that require a lot of floor space, and some of them will be more comfortable in a bigger bed (and probably no one will be less comfortable in a bigger bed).

  6. I would save the money. If you already have a bed that can go in there, use that bed. Cheaper to buy one new bed rather than two!

  7. As to no one being less comfortable in a bigger bed, I really dislike having a king size bed in a hotel room, which is the only place I have slept in one. I cannot be simultaneously close to whomever I am sleeping with and close enough to the edge of the bed to get up easily if I need to.

  8. I suggest the full sized bed. Our kids both have full sized beds, specifically so guests can sleep comfortably. All 4 of us can pile onto a full for story time. My in-laws used a full sized bed for over 25 years.

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