Haircut! For some…

Haircut! For some reason, I felt like cutting off half my hair yesterday. So it is now short and, once again, curly -- it curls like crazy once it's short enough.

Terrifying picture at salon (note terrified guy in back), where they've insisted on styling it with oodles of product and a diffuser over the course of half an hour to look sort of like a frenetic Camille Braverman (from Parenthood), or so they assured me (please note that I did not actually request a Camille Braverman haircut):

I was a little scared. But I generally have gotten great haircuts from Kim (at Salon Trio), who has curly hair herself and understands it well. So I trusted that it would look a little more sane after a night's sleep and a shower to wash out all the gunk.

This next photo was taken at my office, so it's in the tiny mirror I have there for making sure there isn't food between my teeth before I go to teach class. This is how it actually looks when I style it (and by style, I mean towel dry and scrunch in a tablespoon or two of curl creme in two minutes flat). Sorry for the bit at the top being hidden by my iPhone, but I promise there's nothing particularly exciting happening there.

I like it. The back of my neck is a little cold now, though.

The Wii Fit told me this morning that I'd lost half a pound since yesterday, and I was all excited, until I realized that it was all hair.

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  1. I’m jealous. Usually when I walk out of the salon is the best my hair is going to look – but yours looks better when you do it! (Love it btw)

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