Just brainstorming…

Just brainstorming shower curtain ideas, now that the one I love is out of stock. (Sadness. I'm still sort of hoping it'll show up on eBay.) I'd like something in grey or silver or tan, with a pattern / style that is either medieval / Gothic or Indian or steampunk (Victorian industrial). And an overall feeling that is serene and quiet.

On the practical side, I'm probably going to need it to be much longer than average, so whatever I get either has to be extra-long, or something where I can attach more fabric to the bottom, in an aesthetically pleasing way. From my research, it seems that lightweight and/or canvas fabrics are the best for using without a liner, so I'm abandoning my idea of silvery-grey velvet drapes -- too bad, would have been dramatic. :-)

Some of the options so far -- and again, this is mostly brainstorming, as I may also end up sewing something out of cool fabric -- Spoonflower has some fabulous options for both steampunk and medieval:

Noble Pheasant (it's hard to see in the photo, but if you click through, you can zoom in on the subtle details of flowers and birds), Anthropologie, $150:

Octopus, Thomas Paul, $96:

Indian-style, just an image, no idea where the actual curtain is from, but I think I could fairly easily sew something similar out of sari fabric in a more neutral color, and fairly inexpensively too:

Another Indian one from Saffron Marigold, this one block-print rather than sari fabric, $60:

Crewelwork Shower Curtain (this is my favorite of the batch -- it's hand-made, inspiration for something I could in theory do myself, if I learned how to do crewelwork first and somehow magically found aeons of free time between now and next March):

Any other suggestions gratefully welcomed. We do have four months for this decision, so it's not urgent, but somehow, it's where my brain is this morning. Shower curtains!

3 thoughts on “Just brainstorming…”

  1. Stained glass rose windows print (from first fabric link) sewed into dark (black?) nylon so it looks like a stained glass window. Or maybe you could find something that looks like stone and sew it into that. Or maybe you could find a similar stained glass print but in the long vertical window shape, which would be even better.

    You don’t need anything more than plain nylon to use as a shower curtain, I don’t think. It’s fairly resistent, will soak up water it doesn’t resist and dry out quickly.

    I think you’d probably hate canvas.

  2. Mary Anne Mohanraj

    Venu, I agree that my main worry about the Octopus is that I’d get tired of it. It’s cool, but I think a bit too graphic / modern for me to live with long-term. And much too expensive to just get for fun for a bit, sigh.

    Kirsten, won’t nylon be slick and have water drip down, like plastic? The advice I was seeing was to have lightweight breathable fabrics, that would dry quickly and not drip.

    I do like the stained glass windows, but it’s a much darker look than I’m doing elsewhere in the bathroom — the rest is all medium-to-light.

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