Hey — my Stone shower…

Hey -- my Stone shower curtain arrived after all! Woohoo! They must have gotten a return or something to clear the out-of-stock.

But that said, and while I LOVE it -- I hung it up in the kids' bath for now, and it makes that teeny tiny room SO MUCH BETTER, I smile every time I pass it and glance in -- I'm now thinking that I should use it in the guest bath instead of the master. It'll suit the style just as well if not better (I think it might coordinate perfectly with that Deco Silk tile) and it's a better height (72") for that shower/tub combo. I'll use it with a liner there.

Sorry the lighting was terrible in both locations when I took the photos -- they're prettier and more similar in color tone than they look below.

So my previous entry still applies, for a master bath shower curtain. :-)

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