Notes for Halloweens…

Notes for Halloweens future:

  • I really like having a family theme; I'm grateful that Kevin is willing to dress up. We were a royal peacock family (inspired by Kavi's peacock princess costume), and it was great fun. In particular, I love how the boys' tabards came out -- so charming. And we should be able to keep the clothes for dress-up play in future. Will be fun to see what we do next year.

  • All the neighbors seem to agree that tiny toddling boys with swords on their backs are insanely cute. Kavi was adorable, but I think Anand's costume was the big hit.

  • I really like having the basic sewing skills that I can whip up a Halloween-level dress in a few hours. (Bad stitching and all.) But that said, if I only sew once a year, I should still remember to give sufficient seam allowances!!! I used one of my own dresses for a model, and left one inch on both sides when I cut it out, but you need two inches on both sides (because you're losing an inch on both front and back when you sew the seam). Eep. The dress was very tight -- I managed to get into it, but just barely, and I was moderately uncomfortable all night. Let's not do that again.

  • Along those lines, let us also not start sewing two days beforehand. It didn't actually take all that long (three hours for dress, mostly due to mistakes having to be redone and adjusted; an hour each for three tabards and two cloaks). But it was stressful, especially given that I still have a silly amount of grading left to do. (It's going, and I might even finish in time, but still.) Sewing the weekend before Halloween sounds like a better plan, and allows plenty of time for adjustments.

  • I don't need to be quite so paranoid about fabric. I think I bought about twice as much fabric as I need. (On clearance, at Vogue Fabrics downtown, so it didn't cost much at all (the teal for my dress was $2.99 / yd), but still.) What am I going to do with many yards of miscellaneous polyester fabric in peacock colors??? Cushions? A tent?

  • It really is fun trick-or-treating in Daniel & Anne's neighborhood and having dinner with them and their friends and family afterwards (Anne's parents come for Halloween, which is sweet). We did it last year too, and a tradition has been born. At some point, we'll want to trick-or-treat on our own street, I think, and certainly we'll decorate our house. But I kind of doubt we're ever going to be going all out with the haunted house party thing; I'm more a Christmas party girl (Dickens!), and am probably willing to mostly leave Halloween to other folks. But never say never. I have hosted quite a few costume parties in the past, and I do love it when grown-ups dress up...

  • Halloween is fun. :-)

Gather, ye merry band of adventurers:

Fear not, my children -- I will lead thee:

See, this isn't so bad, is it?

Yes, I'm insanely cute. I know. Also, please note that I have three weapons -- the sword on my back, plus a stick in each hand. Fear me!

We have escaped the perilous lair, unscathed!

O, my father, why have you betrayed me?

Although being poked with a foam sword is terribly funny...

(Kevin, sorry for all the photos of you. Next year, maybe you should hold the camera. :-)

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