At Blue Max, revising. …

At Blue Max, revising. Wrote three new scenes yesterday and today, did a bunch of clean-up edits. Four more scenes to go, and then it's off to Bob! I'm hoping to send it to him Monday, November 1st -- somehow it helps, having that sort of deadline. But I also have teaching for four hours today, twenty-three papers to grade for my lit class (plus a few rewrites of the first paper) by Monday (hopefully), and two Halloween costumes to sew before Sunday @ 4:30 (yes, we trick-or-treat that early -- it's the toddler hour, before it gets dark).

Kavi was quite insistent that Kevin and I should have costumes, so yesterday I ran out to Vogue fabrics and bought an assortment of inexpensive fabrics (including a gorgeous teal for $2.99 / yd -- polyester, but for a Halloween costume, who cares?) in peacock colors. Her costume is a peacock princess, so I figured the simplest thing I could do quickly was to make tabards in peacock colors for Kevin, me, and Anand, to throw over regular clothes, so we could be a peacock royal family. Should work well for dress-up play clothes going forward too, especially since I'm hoping to paint the playroom with a castle theme.

I made Anand's tabard this morning (after he woke me at 4, and then went back to sleep at 4:30), and I've got to say, he looked adorable heading off to pre-school this morning. Kavi too, of course, although she refused to wear the green velvet cloak I made her last night. Sigh. Ah well -- Anand wore his, along with a sword across his back. Photos soon! They're going to have a parade at 10:15, and I'm just glad that my schedule today allows me to attend. I expect to die of the cuteness.

Okay, back to revising.

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