Woke up at 4, couldn’t…

Woke up at 4, couldn't sleep. Reverse outlined second half of book.

Am sort of confused -- it's mostly complete, but also moves much faster than first half. Do I leave it like that, or add more? In order to add enough more (probably about 15,000 words) to make the pacing match, would have to add a whole 'nother plot thread, I think. Not sure the book needs it. Argh. Confused. Maybe I should just send it out to readers, see what they think. But I'd hoped to give them a more final version. Argh argh argh.

Also, not sleeping makes me crazy. Ditto frantically running from one thing to another. And my sink is overflowing with dishes again. Kev and I have started making lists of the top things we're looking forward to at the new house, aka, what is driving us crazy about current place. Here is what mine looks like now. I really want:

  1. a working dishwasher
  2. sufficient counter space (at the moment, we have essentially 3 ft. of counter)
  3. no bicycle in dining room
  4. clothes in closet, instead of on portable rack in middle of bedroom
  5. more than one working toilet (we actually have two toilets, but only one of them works)
  6. a fenced yard for dog / children
What drives you crazy about your current home? What would you most like to change?

5 thoughts on “Woke up at 4, couldn’t…”

  1. I think it does need something. The latter part of the book seemed to go too fast for me, too, now that I think about it in that way.

    This is a busy week; I will get to reading the new mss. and comment if I can finish everything teaching-related in time.

  2. I’d love to have a master bath upstairs, and a really functional kitchen. (And a laundry sink in the basement).

  3. crazymakers:

    very little storage space.

    no good outdoor-accessible space (for neither inside-nor-outside things like bikes, strollers, tools that shouldn’t be out in the rain).

    no space for a dishwasher.

    very small dining area, not really big enough for four people to eat comfortably.

    The front door that opens right onto the long living room, so that when you open the door to a stranger, they might as well be sitting down with you having tea.

    Things I love:

    The kitchen! The kitchen!

    The gorgeous decorating that my partner did for our room and the kids’ room.

    The lovely open-plan kitchen, where we can work on food and be social… Really, the kitchen makes the house.

  4. You have three whole feet of counter space? I’m immensely jealous :}

    I’d like:

    * Sufficient shelving in my study to actually get items organized and put away

    * Bookshelves in my attic, so we can unpack some of the dozens of boxes of adult books

    * Shelves in my closet, for things like jeans that have no current home

    * More shelving units in the basement, so we can organize some of the stuff randomly piled down there

    I think I’m discerning a pattern here :}

    Oh, and a towel rack in the upstairs bathroom that the children will actually *use*.

  5. Mary Anne Mohanraj

    Storage is key, no doubt.

    Do you think that installing the towel hooks lower than normal height is a good idea for the kids’ bath? Would it make it more likely that they would use it? (It’s a very Montessori approach, to have everything low — looks a little weird, but maybe it’s more practical?)

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