My Google-fu is failing…

My Google-fu is failing me. After two hours of searching (when I should have been asleep), I am unable to find a tiny utility sink to squeeze next to the washer/dryer that is:

a) more than 8" deep

b) 18" or less wide (this is the hardest part -- if I went to 22", no problem, but I would really like a laundry cart in this big closet too, and for the one I like, that means only 18" clearance for the sink) 14" wide would be even better.

c) ideally not plastic -- stainless is fine, porcelain/ceramic is fine, in a cabinet is fine, free-standing is fine, etc., something paintable is fine

The main goal is a sink big enough that I can soak a sweater in it (so a little more volume than a typical bathroom sink), that still fits in the space.

We need to make this decision by Wednesday night. (Plumbers!)

Help? Anyone got some hours to kill at work tomorrow? So far, I think I've narrowed it down to our best bet possibly being restaurant supply places, but that's as far as I've effectively gotten.

2 thoughts on “My Google-fu is failing…”

  1. Mary Anne,
    Look for a bar sink, e.g. one that is used in the counter behind a bar. It’s similar to the small sinke one finds in the counter next to the coffee makers in a convenience store-7/11. And use a high curved faucet to ease working under it.

  2. I 2nd the notion of a bar sink w/a high faucet – that’s exactly what my aunt & uncle have next to their laundry. Very handy. Most need to be mounted in a countertop, not freestanding.

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