Okay, I think it’s just…

Okay, I think it's just too tight for a decent sink once we take clearances into account. Talking to Roshani this morning reminded me that it would really help if the sink were large enough to toss a load of vomit-stained bedding into it. Ah, the joys of children. New plan -- does this make sense?

We have 92" across west wall of our master closet / laundry room

We would ideally like to fit into that space:

  • washer / dryer
  • utility sink
  • rolling hamper (ideally one that the clothes can just fall into from chute at the left corner of the wall), raised off the floor so we don't have to bend over too much (aging backs) -- I found a 20" wide / 31" high one
  • table for folding
  • ironing board

  • 27" + 2" clearance (?) for a stackable washer/dryer all the way at right corner (it has to be at that wall for venting reasons, according to plumber guy) leaves 63" to play with on left

  • 20" wide hamper at left corner, under chute
  • 20" small table for folding (ideally with a hinged top that opens left another 20" (under the chute, over the hamper (31" high)), making a 40" wide folding space?)
  • 22" utility sink (there seem to be lots in that size)
And then, on the south wall, I think there is sufficient room for a fold-down ironing board.

Does that work?

4 thoughts on “Okay, I think it’s just…”

  1. Mary Anne Mohanraj

    Yasmara — that’s a great one. I think I’m going to go with something bigger in the laundry area now and do the stackable washer/dryer — it’d be great to have it big enough to throw a pile of vomit-stained bedding in. But Kevin needs something like this for his office; this might be perfect. Thanks!!

  2. I think it will work perfectly well when I bring my laundry to your home so I can not only live vicariously through you and your blogs, but use a dream laundry setup that there simply is no room for in our current condo.

    Question: How tall will the table be? Don’t want to hurt your arms folding if it’s too tall or hurt your back folding if it’s too short.

  3. Mary Anne Mohanraj

    I think the table can be whatever height I want. The laundry cart I was looking at is 31″, so if I want to have a top that flips open, it should be 32″ or so? But Kevin is dubious about the flip-top for some reason. We’re trying to figure out now if we can squeeze a little 3×3 island into the space(with drawers). That might help.

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