I’m starting to think…

I'm starting to think about Xmas knitting / crocheting -- to that end, I sent my relatives a quiz, hoping to get some sense of what they would actually like / use. Feel free to take it too -- you never know -- maybe someday I'll knit you something. :-) I'm knitting thank-you neckwarmers for my carpenter contractors right now (it gets cold up on that roof!), so clearly, stranger things have happened.

1. My favorite color(s) is/are:

2. I like color tones that are:

a) bright and modern
b) neutral (white / brown / grey / black)
c) warm and earthy (creams / browns / oranges / reds)
d) rich and gem-like (jewel tones)
e) kaleidoscopic / excitingly colorful

3. I would / would not wear (and like) fingerless gloves.

4. I would be most excited about getting (you can choose more than one here):

a) gloves / mittens (specify hand-size: S / M / L / XL)
b) a hat
c) a scarf
d) a cowl
e) socks (warning -- tricky to fit, so you're taking your chances a bit)
f) a bag (be specific about type that would be useful)
g) pot-holders
h) a stuffed animal (again, be specific)
i) a tea-cozy
j) a mug-warmer
k) a blanket / throw (this would likely be NEXT Xmas :-)

5. I like hand-knit items that are:

a) chunky
b) medium-weight
c) fine
d) don't care

6. I am obsessed with: (i.e., birds, elephants, trees, skyscrapers, etc.)

7. I think wool is: (i.e. scratchy, allergenic for me, wonderfully warm and water-resistant, etc.)

8. I like my knitted objects to be: (i.e., super-soft, hard-wearing, machine-washable, texturally interesting, delicate, masculine, etc.)

That's it! (What else should I have asked?)

1 thought on “I’m starting to think…”

  1. 1. Favorite colors: green (kelly, emerald, forest), blue (azure, turquoise, sapphire).

    2. I like color tones that are rich and gem-like. I also like pastels (mint green, baby blue), which weren’t on your list. 🙂

    3. I might wear fingerless gloves; never tried.

    4. I would be most excited about getting gloves (not sure if I’m M or L; my ring fingers are 8s, I think) or a cowl.

    5. I like hand-knit items that are fine or medium-weight.

    6. Not obsessed with any visual motifs. I like trees, though.

    7. I’m allergic to wool. Very.

    8. I like my knitted objects to be Not Wool, soft, and machine-washable.

    All that said, I’m not expecting any presents. But it’s a data point. 🙂

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