1) Kevin’s parents…

1) Kevin's parents arrived for a four-day visit yesterday (which is lovely, but did entail some hurried finishing-of-unpacking + cleaning Th/F).

2) We're frantically trying to decide on all the plumbing fixtures this weekend because the plumber starts work Monday and needs to a) know what the fixtures will be then, and b) actually have them to install the valves by a week from Monday. Kev's folks watched the kids yesterday afternoon so we could run out to The Great Indoors in Lombard, where we managed to find fixtures for our shower and the guest shower (finally decided (after much debate) on guest shower rather than clawfoot for accessibility reasons), and possible tile for guest shower too -- we'll see if the budget allows a rather lovely porcelain that looks rather like wallpaper.

3) Kavi is sick! She was complaining of hurting all over when she woke up yesterday, seemed mostly fine during the day, and then complained of stomach hurting again around 8 p.m. -- followed by many hours of vomiting. I think we're past the worst of it now; she's keeping down the Pedialyte and hasn't thrown up in a few hours. But she still has a fever (responding to Tylenol). She's installed on the couch with a bucket beside her, watching Lilo and Stitch. (Library copy, but she likes it enough I think I'm going to pick one up for her...)

In other words, sorry for the light posting, likely to continue. I have been walking and taking a photo every day, but have found time to upload and write responses to the photos has been more limited than anticipated.

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