I’ve only done two days…

I've only done two days of my walking / photography / writing project, and I've already learned some things:

  • Yesterday, when I forgot to take my real camera along with me, I really regretted it. Must just make it a habit to carry it whenever I go out, along with cell phone, keys, wallet. This may be trickier in the spring, when I am wearing dresses without pockets, but it is eminently do-able now. And I already add pockets to most of my dresses anyway. I love pockets, and I don't give a damn about ruining the line of the dress.

  • I find it difficult to choose between photos. If I take a dozen photos, there will usually be three or four that would serve as good writing prompts! I'm tempted to add supplemental photo posting, but I think it's cleaner not to. It's not as if my photos are particularly fabulous as photos, but they are interesting to me! :-)

  • I doubt I'm going to stick to the purity of 'I took this photo on exactly this day.' While my students suggested a good fix to the travelling problem (take photos elsewhere, but then write about them in relation to Oak Park), I think I'm actually totally comfortable with building up a backlog of photos. I'll try to post them within a week or so of when they were taken, to keep the seasons / weather from going all wonky in the chronology. But I don't feel obliged to be strict about exactly this 24-hr period.

  • In fact, I may not even be entirely accurate about place, which is a little weird. I.e., the photo I posted for yesterday, I labelled as Bed, Bath and Beyond, even though I actually took it a few blocks away, in my backyard. But the post was in large part about BB&B. Hmm... I think I should probably go back and fix that. Okay, I will. But it's interesting that I even felt the urge to mislabel it in the first place.

  • Although the initial goal of this project was to get me walking, yesterday was so harried, that I hardly walked at all (3 blocks to the house and 3 blocks back, that's it). But I still found myself wanting to take pictures, post one, and write about it. I'm also finding that at least so far, my urge is to try to write something semi-coherent and shaped, rather than just a quick response. That probably means I'm not writing enough in general -- my brain wants to do more! Quick responses may happen more later. We'll see.

Strange, but fun. Am totally planning to keep it up for a month.

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