We’re thinking of these…

We're thinking of these for our master bathroom sinks, to be inset just like this in a dark wood cabinet. A period sort of look, yes? (They're deeper than they look at first -- click on first photo for details.) Do you like them? Any problems I'm not seeing?

4 thoughts on “We’re thinking of these…”

  1. It’s cute, but it does not look very Victorian with the single lever faucet. I have always preferred the two knob/one faucet type of fixture It is easier to save water that way and more true to the period.

  2. I agree with David. Typically it would have been a new wonder to have indoor plumbing. Porcelain handles and pewter finish. Chrome wasn’t around though nickel was.
    About the bowl insert…yes,it does mimic the old wash basin on a table. But I would make sure it was deep enough so that the water doesn’t splash up and out when the faucet is turned on full force.

  3. Not very period, nor very practical due to the splash factor. But pretty. Maybe you won’t mind wiping up water if you love it. If pretty matters more to you than period and/or practical, go for it.

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