It’s Anand’s first…

It's Anand's first birthday today. He woke up happy at 5:30, was fine for a while, and then around 7 started getting tired and wailing and wanting to be carried, which I was pretty much unable to do because I was trying to Kavi get ready for school and she was also in a mood and wailing. It was just a weepy morning all around; the skies were raining down and I would have cried too if I weren't more frustrated and irritated than sad.

It was all I could do not to yell at both of them, and I basically never yell. I went to bed mad at Kevin about household chores and division of labor stuff, and then slept badly, waking up over and over again, thinking it was time to get up and get going, when it was only 11, or 12, or 1. Honestly, I think Anand's real present was not having his mother shouting at him for no good reason this morning. Yippee.

So happy birthday, Anand, and I hope your day gets better. Poor munchkin. Maybe I will pick up some cake for his class. Although it's tricky -- I have no idea which kids are allowed to eat cake.

Update: called school to check, cake is fine, but they have leftovers from the open house last night so not really needing food. Suggested Monday instead, and this way they can let the teachers know in advance, so that sounds good -- Monday can be Anand's 1st Birthday Observed, hopefully with sunshine and cupcakes for all.

Also, happy birthday, Karina! Your presents might arrive today, or maybe tomorrow, or maybe Monday. The vagaries of international UPS. I love you.

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