I had a spate of crazy…

I had a spate of crazy busy the last few days, just running running running from one thing to another all day, but I think it's calming down now. Which is good, because Jed arrives this evening for a one week visit. I'm hoping we can just spend some time hanging out, maybe playing board games or writing or chatting, rather than what we've mostly had to do on his visits the last year -- clean, pack/unpack, rassle kids. I may have to drag him out on a house-related errand or two, but hopefully not. We'll see.

Kirsten is also in town on Thursday for a business trip, and can hang out from 10 - 3, so double-visitor fun. I probably will take her out to Virginia Tile with me, since she actually enjoys the house stuff and has just finished a renovation herself. Need to nail down our tile choices for the bathrooms. Ha ha -- nail down. Funny.

You don't actually nail down tiles, I'm pretty sure.

I love construction materials. So beautiful.

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