Today I: got the…

Today I:

  • got the kids to school and revised chapter two of Rasathi at Blue Max; I also brought a couple of copies of Bodies in Motion over for them; I'm writing enough of this book there, I wanted to thank the staff for their care -- they know which tea I take now (Irish breakfast) and that I prefer whole milk in it; the owner also gave me some painkiller yesterday when my jaw was killing me

  • kept taking Tylenol with codeine, which did a good job of managing the decreasing pain, but made me woozy; I think I'm going to try to manage without it tomorrow

  • fell asleep for an hour

  • walked over to the house and met with Tonya Maxwell, a local landscape designer; I think I've realized that I need some help with my yard; Tonya seems promising -- she'll get me a plan / quote next week. Hopefully I can afford at least a little of her services. Side note: I'm finding that I really like working with women on these various jobs. I don't know why, exactly -- the men are nice too. But the women have been more...communicative? creative? flexible? Something like that.

  • straightened the living room

  • watched some White Collar and knit a few more rows on my Lovisa armwarmers

  • went to Gap and bought Kavya two pairs of tights, a pair of fall shoes, and a pair of fall boots; she's all set for the next month or two, until she outgrows the shoes, which is happening at an alarming pace. Also bought Anand a Halloween outfit, a little giraffe jumper with matching hat; it's more of an outfit than a costume, so I'm hopeful that he'll actually be able to wear it more than just Halloween. Kavya is going to be a peacock princess, which is definitely just a costume

  • stopped at Penzey's and re-stocked my crushed red pepper and cumin seed

  • stopped at Whole Foods for fresh figs (which I've just been craving lately) and a can of coconut milk and some flowers for my office (purple thistle, which I think will dry well, so should last a nice long time)

  • came home and started Thai red curry with chicken and bamboo shoots, to serve with rice; am so grateful that Roshani told me about the Maesri curry paste -- it's saved my life

  • wrote a journal entry! :-)

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