School started today,…

School started today, after a week of break and Labor Day off. (Thank god Jarmila was willing to come back to us for a bit.) I think maybe it was good for Kavya to have a long stretch of somewhat boring time at home -- this morning, no tears or protests, and when we drove up to the school, she told me excitedly that there was the slide that she was going to go down! Once we got to the playground, Kavi didn't even wait for me to drop off Anand before she was running off to play with the toy cars. And when I went over to say goodbye, I got a very cheerful hug and kiss and bye! I wouldn't be surprised if there was a bit of backsliding tomorrow or Thursday, when it's no longer a novelty, but at least it was a happy start to the official school year.

Also Anand's teacher was impressed to see that he was walking already. Walking! Now I actually have to find him shoes every morning. This morning he wore these Robeez fox knights, which are so insanely adorable I might melt. Tomorow, I think the Robeez little aliens Mirna bought him.

And I'm back to school too -- just finished breakfast at Blue Max (it was too hectic this morning to eat at home, in large part because both Kavya and Anand refused bananas this morning, which was revolutionary and really threw off my breakfast plans). Now I have my tea, and I'm about to dive into revisions on the book. I'm leaning back towards Rasathi as a title, by the way. Need to remember to incorporate its meaning into the text at some point.

Goal: Writing every weekday morning, and finished draft ready for Bob by end of September. Let's see how it goes.

My only other thing to accomplish today is take care of my aching jaw. It started hurting on Friday, and the pain seems to be centered on my bottom right wisdom tooth. The one that's growing in sideways. I'm guessing it's a) impacted, b) infected, or c) both. Sigh. Taking my wisdom teeth out has been on my to-do list for a year; I guess it just moved up to the top. Any sense of how long it's likely to knock me out for?

I have an appt. with a general dentist, Dr. Yee (who had fabulous reviews on Yelp and has an office three blocks from my house), at 2 p.m. today; he says he can recommend someone to do the procedure, if he agrees it's necessary. Joy. I think he does kids as well; if he seems good, then Kavi will be coming in sometime soon; I gather at age 3, it's time they start seeing a pediatric dentist, yes? We are not super-diligent about brushing/flossing in this house (well, Kevin is, but not the rest of us), so I am anticipating a scolding or two. Sigh.

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  1. I had a friend who, the day she had her wisdom teeth out, was eating lasagne (the salt didn’t seem to bother her at all), and the next day she was eating steak.

    I, only other hand, was flat on my back for a week, obtaining successively stronger drugs until they finally gave me Demerol.

    So I’d say that’s what you can look at as the range of recovery time. 😉

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