So yesterday was chaotic…

So yesterday was chaotic and mostly fun, although I have a cold that is making me super-tired off and on, which is bad timing for a birthday / reunion weekend. A lot of our old friends came to town for this celebration -- Bryan and Elissa and their two kids, Adam and Kori, Max, Alex. And then lots more came to the brunch yesterday, where there was singing and candles and cake. After brunch, the old friends stuck around 'til around midnight for board games and pizza. I played a whole game each of Settlers of Cataan and Talisman -- both of which I missed winning by a hair. Which really, is almost as satisfying as winning. There was also Uno in there somewhere, though I couldn't finish that one -- Kori substituted in for me. (I hope I'm spelling her name right.)

One thing I want to note, to remind myself -- it is totally worth hiring a babysitter for the party. Alma came from 8-4, which let me have two hours to run to the store and finish cooking / cleaning before people arrived while she watched the kids, and then during the party, she took out the trash and recycling, kept on top of the dishes (which is usually my party nemesis, as the dishes from one meal pile up before you get to cooking the next meal) and helped with the kids, including feeding them lunch and getting them down for their respective naps as needed, which really helped tremendously. It was especially helpful because Kevin is even sicker than I am, and wasn't able to do much. I got to actually enjoy the good parts of the party -- talking to friends, cooking and feeding them, playing games.

At some point, we pulled out plans for the house and then I walked people over to see the progress. They were alternately horrified and impressed. Bryan thinks it would be a fun project -- most of the rest did not agree. I do think it's a fun project, although it would be a lot more fun with another couple hundred thousand dollars (then I could actually afford all the luxury tile / fixture / etc. stuff that my eye lands upon) and no infant around. I remain surprised by how much time this project has eaten up over the last year -- often 20 hours / week. Sometimes more. Given that we have an architect and a general contractor, somehow I had thought this wouldn't really take any time at all. Hah.

Today, people come back from brunch, which will be less elaborate than yesterday. Yesterday was pepper-onion frittata, strawberries, mozzarella-tomato-basil salad, peach coffee cake (from Oak Park Bakery, delicious!), roasted chicken sausages (assortment), and then rice and curries (beef and potato, chicken, cauliflower, mushroom). Today is just a quiche or two, bacon, creamed salmon and peas, cheese board with crusty bread, and fruit if Adam and Kori get a chance to pick some up. We also have lots of leftover Giordano's pizza from last night's dinner, so I don't think anyone will starve.

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