I spent much of…

I spent much of yesterday tense and stressed about how behind I am, and I am, it's true. I pretty much spent the entire day working on my e-mail backlog, got it from 300+ messages to 170-ish, which is a huge improvement, but that indicates that I probably need to spend at least one more full day on it to actually get through it, and there are several important things in there I should have responded to months ago, but didn't, and now people are justifiably upset with me. Ugh.

We're STILL not unpacked (two bookshelves and about six boxes to go), and we have several guests coming this weekend for Kevin's 40th birthday party; my inner house-proud matron is stalking around saying things like, "We can't let people see this! It's disgusting!" Kevin assures me that only the kitchen floor is actually disgusting, and that we are fully capable of mopping that before anyone sees it, but still, it's freaking me out. And the semester has started, and there are a lot of meetings, and class prep, and grading has started (or at least responding to student writing, which is not quite as bad as grading, although still hard to motivate to do sometimes). And and and...

...I love my life. I love teaching, I love writing, I love Kevin, I love my kids, I love reading, I love knitting -- I am halfway through a Lovisa armwarmer, and I am LOVING that pattern -- and really, if I could just get maybe 2-3 solid days to get caught up on stuff, and several solid nights of sleep, I wouldn't change anything else.

And Anand is walking. WALKING! A week ago, he would take a step or two and fall down; now he can totter across the room before falling down. So cool.

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