We need to choose a…

We need to choose a doorbell. Look at these two beauties:

Aesthetic Owl:

Lion and Hound:

The twist is pretty darn cool, but I think I like the owl best. Owl!

Oh wait -- there's also this gothic one. Now I'm really torn. I love the owl, but I'm adding a variety of gothic details to the house; this might go better?

And speaking of gothic, that same site offers a gothic sconce that might solve my foyer problem. I've had a really hard time finding a sconce that would coordinate with the Moroccan-style pendant we bought some months back. Theirs is lovely, and I think it would go reasonably well, although if anything is going to break our budget, it's lighting. Didn't I just say I wasn't going to buy any more expensive light fixtures? Do you think they'd work together, or am I fooling myself? I am really having a tough time finding a coordinating sconce for that pendant -- it's almost enough to make me banish it to the mudroom. That would solve the sconce problem -- of course, then I'd need a new pendant for the foyer. Argh.

I am also ridiculously fond of this gypsy chandelier, and am trying to figure out whether I can justify putting it in my basement craft room. It doesn't really go, aesthetically, with anything upstairs, but I was thinking the basement could be where all my bright color desires could be indulged. I'm not normally a big fan of acrylic (the central column is glass, but the rest is acrylic), but this is just fun. And I suspect the glass version would be hideously expensive, whereas this is quite affordable.

If I did it, keeping in mind that the basement ceilings are a little under 7 ft, do you think the large chandelier (23" high) would fit okay? Or would the small (11" high) be a better choice? The small is cute, but it's the large one (pictured above) that really dazzles me.

Hmm...on looking at it more, I realize the colors really are the same as in Kavi's room -- bright pink and orange and green and blue, with light orange and yellow walls. It's almost a perfect match, in fact. And she has a vaulted ceiling, so the large size would be fine; might even have to lengthen the chain. Maybe it should go in her room instead.

Dare I say it, in both rooms? They're four stories apart, after all. Although in that case, maybe it really should be the large version in her room, and the small one in the craft room with the low ceiling? I don't know.

7 thoughts on “We need to choose a…”

  1. Your basement ceiling is too low for the big chandelier. I would say that it is also really too low for the smaller one — I think it will just look odd.

  2. Mary Anne Mohanraj

    Markum, you think the small one is too small? (I have accepted, on thinking about it, that the big one is way too big for the basement room.)

    Keep in mind that I am only 5 ft tall, so the ceiling is two feet over my head. If the small one is 11″ high, I can hang it one foot below the ceiling, and the light bulbs will still be over eye level. Will that not work?

  3. Mary Anne Mohanraj

    Yes, Ellen, I’d pretty much decided that too. Every time I look at the owl, it makes me smile. Which is one of my main design principles, use what makes you happy.

  4. Mary Anne,
    I like the owl but I like the Gothic one also. Is the button illuminated? It looks like a large eye. If that isn’t Gothic..
    But you’d have to get a matching chime or bell. Now what would a suitable melody be…
    First four notes of Beethovens{sp?)Fifth Symphony? ;^)

  5. Mary Anne,
    Really.. Chandeliers in the basement? There will be taller people in the basement than you. We have a chandelier in the dining room over the table. I had to wire it higher to avoid hitting it with my head while we used the space as storage for the 125 boxes, large and small, of IKEA kitchen cabinets (some assembly required).
    Wait, you must be pulling our leg.. ::checking the calender:: nope not April 1st.
    Actually a craft room needs good uniform illumination with supplementary task lighting.

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