Oh, lord. I swear, the…

Oh, lord. I swear, the children conspire to keep me from ever getting eight hours of sleep. Last night, Kevin brought Kavi into bed with me at 2 a.m. because she'd wet the bed, and was upset, and Anand was up and screaming too, and Kev just couldn't cope with both of them. Kavi fell asleep quickly with me, but then I couldn't go back to sleep. Eventually I got up, cleaned her bed (we have absorbent pads on it right now, which makes that relatively simple), and we transferred her back to bed. But I think it was close to 3 before I managed to fall asleep again. And then Kavi came into the bedroom at 6 to tell me that she wanted someone to sleep with her. Argh. I mean, Anand would have woken me at 6:30 anyway, but I could still have used that half hour.

It's been a relatively decent morning otherwise -- the kids have mostly entertained each other, which is a new development for which I am profoundly grateful. They can sometimes get through an entire half hour without anyone bursting into tears. I managed to get them fed and dressed, did some cleaning, and watched an episode each of Eureka and Haven. And now Anand is down for his nap, so I can maybe even get a bit of yarn work done. (I can't do any while he's awake, as he consistently tries to grab it out of my hands. Pay attention to meeee, mama!!) I made a little slipper for Kavi a few days ago, and haven't had a chance to make its mate yet. Maybe today. I'm also almost done with the elephant hat...just a few more rows.

When the hat's done, I already know what I want to start next -- arm warmers! These Lovisa arm warmers, in huckleberry and toasted almond, I think. Blue Sky Alpaca Melange. Can't wait. It's still 88 degrees here, but autumn is coming, I'm pretty sure. I like that it has a small amount of colorwork -- enough to lend interest, but not so much that the project goes really slowly. Perfect! And I just love working with alpaca; it's so luxuriously soft. Thank you, alpaca farmers!

I should probably also make an elephant scarf (and maybe mittens?) to match the hat, but first I need to finish it and see if the hat actually fits Kavi. It may be too big for this year, in which case, I can wait a while to make the matching scarf.

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  1. Mary Anne Mohanraj

    I do both — started with crochet, but at this point, I think it’s actually about 50/50. 🙂 Are you on Ravelry?

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