Anil Menon and I are…

Anil Menon and I are working on a short academic article about South Asian SF authors. To that end, any names you could throw our way would be very helpful!

The article will cover both local and diaspora writers, and is writing in English, local languages -- any language, really. So for example, if there's a Pakistani-Swiss diaspora author writing science fiction in Swiss-German, we'd love to know about her.

3 thoughts on “Anil Menon and I are…”

  1. Are we to limit this to science fiction, or a broader range of SFF?

    I’m mildly ashamed that I can’t think of anyone who isn’t Indian and isn’t immediately obvious (Anil himself, Vandana Singh, Manjula Padmanabhan, Payal Dhar, Samit Basu, Shweta Narayan?). If you’re including things that are weird and sort of Fantasy-ish, how about Kuzhali Manickavel (who has written at least one Proper SF story for children; it’s in a Scholastic India anthology)? Or there’s Aditya Bidikar, one of whose stories is here.

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