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I've been looking for forest-themed art for Anand's room; my plan for the children's rooms is that Kavi's will be South Asian jungle (peacocks and butterflies and bougainvillea, in pink and orange, with green/blue accents) and Anand's will be British forest (deer and foxes and rabbits and birds, in green and blue and brown -- it can evolve more Tolkien-y as he gets older :-). To echo the two halves of their heritage (although in truth, Kevin's probably got a bigger chunk of German than of British or Scottish, but I'm an Anglophile, so oh well...blame colonialism.)

Kavi's room is mostly done -- just needs curtains and carpet. Plus perhaps some poms to hang from the high slanted ceiling.

Anand's is barely started -- we just have a bunch of white nursery furniture now, which we'll use until he outgrows it and then replace that with dark wood. I have a bunch of funky ideas for making his room forest-like (including using a huge piece of tree branch that we salvaged when we cut down the tree-of-heaven); we'll see what actually works. But I did want him to have a few pieces of art, and I just found these two adorable prints, by artist Nakisha Elsje VanderHoeven, a Seattle artist. This is exactly the sort of feel I want for the room. Cute, huh? I love Etsy.

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