Perhaps you are tired of…

Perhaps you are tired of my sister's wedding photos. I am not. :-) First two photos by June Kim, the rest by Mona Abraham. Both of them took great photos; someday, I will have time to take photography classes, and learn to take photos like these.

Flowers. I love her arrangements; the florist did a great job. Simple, bright, elegant.

Love the juxtaposition here of S. Asian finery with the New York street.

Sacred fire.

Reverent moment.

Less reverent. My family are such goofballs; Gian's going to fit in beautifully.

You can really see the resemblance between my mom and sister here. People say I look more like my dad.

There he is...

And I think this is one of the best photos of my little sister that I've seen.

The three sisters. Aww...

4 thoughts on “Perhaps you are tired of…”

  1. Mary Anne Mohanraj

    I know! I need to ask Mona to send me a high-res version, so I can print and frame it. It might be my favorite photo of the three of us.

  2. Mary Anne,
    Thank you for the pictures. A real feast for the Western eye. A very attractive family.
    If you watch “Royal Pains” on cable, you know that one of the main characters is Indian. The picture of your younger sister shows remakable similarity to the actor (actress) in the series. Check it out.

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