On getting dressed this…

On getting dressed this morning:

Kavi: How do I look?

Me: You look beautiful! Does Anand look beautiful?

Kavi: No.

Me: Why not?

Kavi: He's not wearing a dress. When he grows up to be a girl, then he will wear a dress. And be beautiful.

4 thoughts on “On getting dressed this…”

  1. I’m glad she has a plan! Violet plans the same way (“That’s only for boys, so I will be a boy tomorrow.”).

  2. Utterly unrelated to this post, but I’m too lazy to open up my email…

    You may want to order this free catalog. It has lovely collections of hardware and other misc including lovelies like griffin table legs. You can look online too, but I found it easier to search for what I wanted in the catalog. I was going to order for you, but I keep forgetting to look up your address….


  3. Mary Anne Mohanraj

    Now I want to put Kevin in a dress and ask Kavi if he’s a boy or a girl. And if he’s beautiful.

    Kirstie, I ordered it, but from glancing at what they have online, I suspect it’ll be well beyond our current budget. Which is breaking. But I can look!

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