Two more photos from…

Two more photos from Mark, and then I'm off to bed. (For the second time -- the first time, I couldn't sleep, so I spent a while editing the YA novel, trying to insert the "Talking to Elephants" story. Too tired to tell if it actually worked. We'll see what Jed thinks.)

This is the Irish priest who performed the ceremony -- he was funny, acerbic, and stern. Marriage isn't something to be entered into lightly, and he was going to make sure the couple in front of him didn't forget it. He was really splendid; I wish I'd gotten his name.

Anandan at wedding reception, in his fancy clothes (minus the vest, which he'd shed earlier, and the scarf, which we didn't even try to put on him). Blessedly, he slept through most of the reception, which made it much easier to manage. Some of the relatives and friends were disappointed, but not us!

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