I’m trying to figure out…

I'm trying to figure out if we can fit a petite (48") clawfoot tub in the tiny guest bath. It wouldn't be long enough to lie down in, but you could take a sitting bath. If you were our guest, would you prefer the charm of a clawfoot, or the 60" length (max we can fit) of a regular tub?

8 thoughts on “I’m trying to figure out…”

  1. Mary Anne Mohanraj

    Well, I took a lot of them, when we were staying with Daniel and Anne. Granted, we were there for two months…

  2. I still occasionally dream of the bathtub in Mary Anne’s guest room from… eight years ago? Time flies. It’s still the only one I’ve ever used that was deep enough to float in, and were she still living there, I would consider it to be sufficient reason to visit. 🙂

    (But then I’ve had only a shower for the past two years, and a bathtub is an immutable criterion in my current apartment search.)

  3. (The above should read “in the bathroom adjoining Mary Anne’s guest room,” but you could probably figure that out without my posting this correction…)

  4. Lenore Jones/jonesnori

    Well, I’m not all that likely to stay with you, but if I were, I think I’d prefer a shower to a tiny bath. I like elbow room. Actually, even most shower stalls feel small to me.

  5. I think its adorable, and would add a nice ambiance to the room (not a big shower person here). That being said, you’d want to make sure it was comfortable enough to sit in, and wasn’t too narrow… (says the woman with giant hips of doom)

  6. It’s awfully cute to look at, but I always find that shape of tub (even the full size) a bit too small and uncomfortable for a shower, which is really what most of your guests would be using it for. Plus, that kind of thing really only works if it’s immaculate. In the clawfoot tubs, one is surrounded by and forced to rub up against the shower curtain, so unless it’s got that like-new cleanness, it often feels kind of germy/dirty to me.

  7. Chances are, I will not use your guest bathroom as an overnight guest. However, if J kicks me out, you are number 1 on my places to crash list so I will share my opinion.

    I never bathe in someone else’s tub. It feels nasty to me. It might look clean, but really, who wants to fill the tub, only to find floaties in the water?

    The mini claw foot tub is cute but awkward. I suggest spending that money on a decadent shower. I can really get into a great shower and love it.

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