My fiction is like Isaac…

My fiction is like Isaac Asimov's, and my blog writing is like James Joyce.

Really? While I'd be thrilled to be in that company, I'm not entirely sure I buy their results. But I admit, the game is fun. Thanks, Lori.

(Actually, the most interesting part is that I put in a mainstream piece of fiction (the opening to "A Gentle Man"), and yet it returned a sci-fi author for the result. Odd, but perhaps good?)

9:15 update: My YA novel gives me Rudyard Kipling. Excellent.

4 thoughts on “My fiction is like Isaac…”

  1. This has been making the rounds, and given the reported results, I have to wonder: Were any female authors included in the results?

  2. An LA Times blog entry lists 15 men and 2 women among the possible results (but there may be others the blogger hasn’t encountered).

    …It also points out that we don’t know anything about the algorithm the site is using. My guess is that, like so many of these kinds of things, it’s looking at things like frequency of the word “I”. I’m pretty certain it’s not doing anything so sophisticated as trying to match genres.

  3. I think it’s the presence of “I” and sentence structure. I got James Joyce on my first novel (which I don’t actually take as a compliment) and Stephen King on the one I’m working on now. I might take that as a compliment, actually.

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