Pre-school report: …

Pre-school report: According to the teachers, Kavi cried for about five minutes after we left, and then was fine the rest of the day; no tears. She was quiet, and stayed near the teacher or Robert, but participated in all the activities. This morning at drop-off, much calmer than yesterday. She cried for about two seconds at the house when I said it was time to go to school, and then the same when we got to the playground. But she sat in my lap for a few minutes while I chatted with the teacher, and then, when I said it was time for me to go to work, she gave me a hug and kiss, took the teacher's hand, and wandered off with her. HUGE improvement over yesterday.

Honestly, I think part of it was that Kevin wasn't there this morning. I'm a little sterner than he is about things Kavi 'has' to do, like going to bed on time. When he's around, there's usually more clinging, weeping, negotiating about that sort of thing. So without him there, she didn't make nearly as much effort to change my mind.

I'm sitting at Blue Max now, the cafe that borders the pre-school playground. They're going inside (8:30), but for the fifteen minutes I was here, she seemed content enough. Held the teacher's hand almost the entire time (Miss Liz, the morning teacher, seems very sweet and competent; she's the mother of a toddler herself), but Kavi's face was calm. She looked around a lot; I think she's still trying to figure out where/what everything is.

I'm not sure how long I'll be working here -- I don't know if they'll come back out before the end of the day. But even watching for fifteen minutes was reassuring. I think I'll keep doing this for morning pick-ups for a while, and hopefully within a few days, she'll be running and playing instead of just walking around holding the teacher's hand. Fingers crossed.

I'd just sit here and work all day, because it's a great space for working -- quiet, well-lit room, looking out on the playground and lots of trees through a big bank of windows. A couple of outlets, even. But this place is not cheap. I got a small fruit cup and black tea -- $6.50. Oof.

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