Okay, I think I need…

Okay, I think I need help. I had asked Simone about doing this at some point, but I think she's really pretty busy, and it's not something she's familiar with, so there'd be a learning curve. And I'm hoping there's someone out there reading this who can just do it, quickly and simply.

I'd like to put all the writing I own (2-3 books, plus some assorted short fiction) in eBook form, available for Kindle and iPad, etc. Almost all of it is already online for free on my web page, but I think that there are a lot of people now who are much more likely to read it (and maybe even pay me something for it), if the fiction is available for eBook readers.

I have NO energy for figuring out how to do this. I'm sure it's simple, but I just can't cope. Tech makes me freak out.

I would be happy to pay someone a fair rate (not sure what that is, but maybe someone can tell me) to do this for me. I provide the material, you (tech god/dess you) get it up there.

Help? Please? This has been on my to-do list forever, and I just don't think it's going to get done by me.

(Interestingly, Aqua Erotica and Wet don't have Kindle editions available. Kathryn in the City and The Classics Professor do, but for $10.99, which seems quite high to me, especially given that you can buy print editions for about a buck + shipping. But what do I know?)

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  1. You might also talk with Tempest, who’s been discussing putting together tools for turning magazines into ebooks. Different goal, but some of the same tools might be usable.

    Those ehow instructions look like they’re specifically for Kindle, which is fine (and useful) (and I hadn’t known about it; thanks, anonymous commenter!), but doesn’t address other formats. In particular, there’s a different approach for getting Apple to sell a book via iBooks (and I’m not sure how they feel about erotica), and then there are somewhat smaller stores like Fictionwise that I think use different formats too. (I think you provide them with an RTF, but I’m not sure.)

  2. Jeremiah Tolbert could probably do it — at least, he was on Twitter the other week swearing up and down that he’d never do an ePub again, so he must be past the hard part by now. 🙂 If he’s willing to be talked in off the ledge, his design skills are pretty good and from what I understand, he charges reasonable rates.

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