It looks like my summer…

It looks like my summer writing class is full, yay! :-) I feel appreciated.

I'm wondering whether people would be interested in a single day class, on a Saturday. It seemed like there were quite a few people who hesitated in signing up for my classes because they'd be travelling for part of the summer. I think we can work around that for the people who registered anyway, but it makes me wonder whether an all-day Saturday class might be easier for a lot of people to manage. Especially since I suspect, now that I live in Oak Park, that most of the people attending my class are moms. (All the people registered are women. Do men just not write anymore?)

Any opinion on whether that's likely to be worth doing? It'd be a different sort of class, of course, since we won't have time to work up full stories over six weeks. I'm thinking I could offer two of them -- a beginner class that did a variety of exercises and talked about how you go about writing stories and sending them out, and an intermediate workshop where people circulated their stories in advance and we critiqued on Saturday, plus an hour or two of business conversation about selling stories / novels.

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