Oh, and I somehow didn’t…

Oh, and I somehow didn't say that we successfully moved. We did! The new house is nice, and its only major problem so far is absolutely horrible cell phone reception. If you're trying to call us, use the home phone. Or e-mail. Texts sometimes work.

We're renting the first floor of a large Victorian. It has beautiful parquetry floors, high ceilings, a coffered ceiling in the dining room, a wood-burning fireplace in the living room, and beautiful woodwork. It's very serene, and there's a nice upstairs neighbor with a dog that might make a good friend for Ellie. The neighbor is also the landlord, and is planning to fence in the front yard soon (there isn't really a back yard) so the dogs can play together safely there, along with our kids. So that's all good. We have a six month lease here, with month-to-month thereafter. Hopefully we won't need the thereafter, but we'll see. Pam is very relieved that we're not going to try to live in our house during construction. :-)

Construction is tentatively scheduled to start at our house next week (end of June / start of July). Fingers crossed.

We're also tentatively planning to enroll Kavi in a Montessori pre-school around the same time. It's the same one Daniel and Anne's kids go to; Kavi and I checked it out last week, and it looks good. We'll be sad to lose Jarmila, who will be looking for work in her new field (she just graduated from her master's program, congratulations!!!), but we think Kavi is clearly ready to hang out more with other kids. When I took her to visit the school last week, she was super-excited, and cried when I made her leave. I had to bribe her with ice cream to get her to leave. She'll be attending their full-day program, 8:30 - 4:30, M-F.

We're not sure yet whether we'll be starting Anand there too, in their daycare program. Maybe -- we want to look at the infant room again first, at a time when the babies aren't napping. If not, I think Adriana may continue to watch him, at least part of the time. We're looking at the budget to figure out exactly what we can afford, given house construction expenses to come.

And that's the household status.

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  1. Hi! I just wanted to let you know that the ‘Next’ link at the bottom of the Aniti Desai page is broken, so I can’t see what comes after her.

    The page is part of the excellent series about the Red Sari and book covers, and I hope to soon be able to see the rest of your presentation. 🙂

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