Oh, and how about couch…

Oh, and how about couch color? Given that we have two peacock stained glass lamps (the glass glows in rich dark blue, green, and gold), what color sofa should we do? I was thinking maybe dark brown? But maybe that would make the room feel dark. Would cream work too? We may not use both lamps in the room (I think Kev would be happy to have one for his study), but probably at least one of them will live there, and I was planning on picking up the tones in the lamp to do accent colors in the room, couch cushions and the like. The floors are a medium wood tone, not too red, not too dark, not too light. Medium. But vibrant and pretty. No rug at the moment.

We haven't picked a wall color either, but I think this room will likely be some shade of cream or off-white. Boring, I know, but I do want it to feel as big as possible, and there's going to be plenty of color in the adjoining kitchen (blue/green cabinetry) and dining room (not sure what will be on the walls, but definitely a color. :-)

For the dining room, I'm leaning towards some shade of purple, if I can talk Kevin into trying it. If not, then green. The purple version might look something like this, though with more wood than white:

The one below has more of the wood, so you can see the effect, although this is a richer purple than I think I'd use -- although hmm...maybe richer would be okay:

I think the main thing is to avoid light purple, so it doesn't end up looking like a little girl's room. Anywhere from medium purple to grey-purple to dark purple I think would be okay.

I was tentatively planning to stick to historic paint colors in the house, and maybe even just Farrow & Ball, at least on the first floor, so that might change things. They don't have a light purple. Maybe a grey with a hint of purple?

Oh, and we have a blue-grey-sage rug (with tiny dark brown and red accents) we were going to use in there. Hmm...I'm not sure that will work with purple at all. I may have to completely rethink this. Dangit. But I still think those purple rooms are pretty, so I'm leaving the photos up.

3 thoughts on “Oh, and how about couch…”

  1. If you’re going neutral on the walls in the living room, why not give yourself a rich color for the couch? Deep blue or somesuch? I think you should go with one of your rich colors. I think it would make you happy. I’d stay away from cream with toddlers. That’s just asking for trouble. FYI: I don’t know that much about cleaning couches because we didn’t have that particular problem, but I did find that really heavy baking soda solutions did miracles in getting the scent of vomit out of carpets. You could give it a try.

    Personally I don’t like any of the light purples. You’ve got to get to at least periwinkle for me to like a lightish purplish color. I like the 2nd color though 🙂 But then you already know we don’t have the same color sense!

  2. Mary Anne Mohanraj

    Hmm…I thought about a dark blue couch, but was a little nervous about it because of the lamp — thought the blues might clash. But now that I’m at home looking at the lamp, I see it’s mostly green and gold, with just a few dark blue accents. Maybe I could get away with a dark blue couch.

    You don’t think it’d be too dark in a small room?

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