Two days ago, Kavi told…

Two days ago, Kavi told me, "I don't love you," for the first time. It was a little funny, because she was mad that I was sitting on the couch typing instead of coming over to sit next to her at her art table where she was coloring. I'd told her that I'd be over soon, but soon means nothing to a toddler. So on one level, I was amused at the drama of it all. But on another level, it was sad. Goodbye, two-year-old of easy affection. Hello, three-year-old who will soon tell me she hates me, no doubt. Although I don't think she knows the word hate yet.

I liked this post on dealing with toddler drama, and your own issues. Kavi doesn't scream or hit as much as the child referenced does, but she is a master of the angry pout, and the unrelenting whine, and the "I want it. I really really need it." She neither knows nor cares what you want -- that is entirely irrelevant to her universe.

Mostly, I can handle it with good humor and firm patience. But occasionally, I am exasperated.

A funny little related blog post, about the dangers of reading to your toddler.

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