On Tuesday, Jarmila, Jed…

On Tuesday, Jarmila, Jed and I took the kids to the Brookfield Zoo, giving Kevin a bit of a break after his long weekend with the kids. Fun time had by all, I think, although 85 degrees is too hot for a zoo trip! I think Kavi's favorite part was the carousel, though the children's petting zoo was also a big hit. She didn't want to leave. Thanks to Jed for photo-taking!

2 thoughts on “On Tuesday, Jarmila, Jed…”

  1. Hey! Isn’t that fun! We couldn’t get Sarah to pet the goats when we went, though. I like the goat curry comb.

  2. Mary Anne Mohanraj

    At age 2, Kavi was scared of the petting zoo animals, but now, she is quite fearless. Yay!

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