I think I may have to go…

I think I may have to go on a Kay re-reading binge. I re-read Ysabel yesterday and this morning, and it kept sparking good ideas for my own YA. Not that I want to copy Kay, exactly, but his work just resonates so strongly for me -- it puts me into writing mind, I think. The trick is convincing my brain that re-reading Kay actually counts as work. I kept feeling like I ought to be cleaning or dealing with e-mail instead. Reading is part of writing time, which is work time. I have to remember that. It's okay to love my work -- it still counts as work, dammit.

I slept like a log last night, and woke up feeling reasonably rested (if a little sore) for the first time in...a month? If I can get one more night like that, I may actually start being myself again. I'm wondering if there's any way I can sneak a small massage into the budget. And a long bath into the time budget. I could use them both.

This morning, I went to a seminar held by the Village of Oak Park on the new lead regulations. Fun, I know! My life is a bowl of delicious cherries. But this really was useful, I think. More on that in the next entry. Then I went to the paint store (oh, they know and love me at the paint store) for a few more accent colors to try. Lunch at Bua Hana, where sadly, the sushi was mediocre. Edible, but I think I'll stick to the fancy silly rolls there from now on, which are harder to mess up, and not try salmon sashimi again.

I don't understand what makes for good vs. mediocre sushi. Where they buy their fish? Wouldn't they all buy from the same great source? Is it something about how they store it? How fresh they're willing to serve it?

Now I'm at Starbucks, with a chai and a mini vanilla bean scone (yum), and am going to try writing. Going to try to write two grandmother scenes this afternoon. Both women are...well, a little wicked, honestly. Not in intent, but in effect. I don't usually write wicked characters, so this will be interesting.

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